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Edit is a travel-oriented startup that operates in the hospitality and tourism industry. The company's primary service is to provide hotel recommendations and city guides for over 50 cities worldwide, including The Hague, San Sebastian, and New York. caters to travelers looking for unique, local experiences and affordable accommodations.

The company's business model is centered around leveraging local knowledge to curate travel experiences. Locals from each city provide tips and routes, which are then bundled into city guides. These guides help travelers discover the best restaurants, hotspots, and hotels in each city, ensuring they make the most of their stay.'s revenue is likely generated through a commission-based model, where the company earns a percentage of each booking made through its platform. This model is common in the travel industry and provides a steady income stream as long as the platform continues to attract users and facilitate bookings.

In addition to hotel bookings, also highlights local attractions and provides insider tips, adding value to the user experience and differentiating the platform from other hotel booking sites. The company's emphasis on local experiences and affordable accommodations positions it well in the budget travel market segment.

Keywords: Travel, Hospitality, Tourism, Hotel Booking, City Guides, Local Experiences, Affordable Accommodations, Commission-Based Revenue, Budget Travel, Local Knowledge.

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